Lodge Brothers funeral services

Well-known funeral directors, Lodge Brothers are recognised for their services across the UK. Lodge Brothers have been in operation for so many years that they are almost interwoven in the fabric of UK history. Take a minute now and think about your funeral and how you would like it to be. While this isn’t something that … Continue reading »


Highly recommended by Clients

While many people spend little or no time thinking about the details surrounding their end of life, others are the exact opposite and have spent time and energy planning the details of their funeral or cremation. Whether it be details relating to the distribution of your assets and finances, in the form of your last … Continue reading »


Here to help you when you need it most

When there is a death in the family there is not possible amount of preparation a person can do which will lessen the affects that it has on the remaining members of the family, especially and most severely when the loss is unexpected and not anticipated. Studies have shown that depending on the nature of … Continue reading »


Lodge Brothers the family you can turn to in time of grief

LODGE BROTHERS FUNERAL PLANNING Planning ahead with a PrePaid Funeral Plan will ensure your family wont face any extra cost or worries when the time comes. One of the key benefits of a Pre Paid Funeral Plan is being able to purchase and secure a funeral at today’s prices. This then protects your family and loved … Continue reading »